Ecommerce B2C AND B2B SALES

"Ecommerce B2C AND B2B SALES"

i2Space has expertise and specialization in eCommerce solutions for B2B and B2C segments. Our successful flagship B2B service eTravos apart from the various B2C portals are a testimonial to our claim.

Why should I go for a Custom eCommerce portal if cheaper options are available with off-the-shelf products available in the market? Off-the-shelf products are easier to start with but once you are successful can they scale-up to meet your growing demands? Are they easier to customize based on your changing business requirements? Do they provide enough flexibility with UI/UX?

For most of the above queries if your answers are NO then you must grant us an opportunity to consult you and build your online store the way you ever wanted it!

Features of the eCommerce portal built by us :

1. Payment Gateway (PG) Integration. We can help you in getting your own PG.
2. Hassle free checkout
3. Ease of Navigation
4. Site wide search
5. Show related products
6. Show most popular products in a category
7. Simple Administration module
8. An envious UI/UX [User interface and experience]
9. User reviews and ratings.