Although we’ve successfully executed various software solutions for clients in different verticals yet Travel is built-in to the DNA of i2Space. We’re far ahead of the competition when it comes to travel solution.

Here we take pride in stating that, with our experience and scale of operation, today we are in a position to provide you the best in class quality of travel solution in a budget that is unbeatable and unheard of in the industry.

We specialize in the following Bookings Engine using integration of domestic (India based) and International API partners for Middle East, Australia, North America, Europe and Africa:

We provide following travel services on solution

 Domestic and International Flights
 Hotel [dual mode; CMS+APIs]
 Pan India Bus
 Pan India Cabs
 Domestic and International Holiday Package [dual mode; CMS+APIs]
 Domestic and International Adventure Activities [dual mode; CMS+APIs]
 Visa, Forex, Travel Insurance Services[dual mode; CMS+APIs]

We provide following technology models to our clients.

 On Demand Cloud ERP
 SAAS Travel Solution
 XML API Travel Engine
 White Label
 Suppliers & aggregation
 LCC Airlines and GDS Integrations
 Travel On Mobile and Tablets APP

Application Program Interface (API) is a framework that will make easy developing the HTTP services that reach number of clients, including browsers and mobile devices.
API is a technology platform for building rest full services and applications on the internet to consume various business services.

Application programming interface (APIs) allow users to connect to a server through secured environment which allows confidential transfers. API Integration is affordable in comparison to the same featured website development. It makes reusable functionality with significant ease of use XML based messages.
Here, we i2space write and consume different types of Travel API's to build the travel portals as well as the travel web services that can be interacted directly with the main server for processing XML based requests.

A white label cloud service is a cloud model provider that sells customers resources that they serve, offering to their own customers under their own brand indent instead of provider name. This type of service enables third party Company branding with control over User Interface / User experience & appearance, etc. along with access to data base.
What is White label branding? Generally called "white labeling" is a process of manufacturing and marketing practice in which a product or service is produced by one company and then promoted by another company to show their services and offers depend on business strategies.
The white label model fits all the SME's to reduce the technology, storage and support-maintenance cost drastically.
Live Example in the Market, the white label branding is most often used in reputed companies, where sub dealers take usage of the parent dealer services in franchise or dealer ship model.
I2space provide read made white label branding in Travel & Hospitality and Recharge Industry to enrich the SME's clients.

  1. GDS Integration: Global Distribution System for booking flights, hotels
  2. Domestic and International Flight booking Engine
  3. Domestic and International Hotel Booking Engine
  4. Domestic and International Holiday Packages Booking Engine
  5. Cars and Cabs Booking Engine
  6. Bus Booking Engine, Bus Booking Software's
  7. Third Party API Integration of any service provider
  8. All Business Models (B2B/B2C/B2B2C)
  9. White Label Product for Flights, Hotels, Cars, Bus, Holidays etc
  10. Internet Promotion like SEO & SMO for the complete Travel Reservation System
  11. Online Travel Payment gateway accepts all domestic and international cars.
  12. Travel Mobile APPS Application Development IPHONE AND ANDRIOD
  13. Travel Mobile Application Design
  14. Mobile Bus Ticket Booking